Fix In Art

The organization operates on a daily basis (09.00-­22.00) as a cultural expression space, arts, freedom of expression and communication among young people. The office provides information on European programs through which the European mobility promoted, personal development, the spirit of volunteering and training. The action "FIX IN ART" in which young people will mainly be involved contains several subactions. The first is to support the artistic workshops carried out in the organization on a permanent basis and after completion to propose and implement with the support of experienced volunteers, a workshop of their own interest. FIX in art hosts several workshops among which are: Ballet, Jazz, Yoga, Salsa, Latin, Zumba, Oriental, Bollywood­Kathak, Flamenco, Brazilian, Martial arts Najitsu, Studio Opera house, Theatrical workshop, Biodynamics workshop, Cinema, Recycling art, Mosaic workshop, Decoupage workshop, Handmade jewellery, Silver and goldsmithery. The second concerns the implementation of psycho­pedagogical activities for children and young people both in the area of the organization or outdoors to raise awareness and educate young people on social issues that concern them, but other children and young people in Europe. The third concerns the collection, archiving, promoting the library which numbers several books, that friends and members donated and it is updated daily. The last action has to do with the preservation of Fix factory, construction of several spaces, cleaning the area.

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