Anazitites Theatrou (Greece)

Associazione Agrado (Italy)

Brno Connected (Czech Republic)

Connecting Routes Informal Group (Israel)

Egyesek (Hungary)

Erasmus+ (Belgium)

Grad Zagreb (Croatia)

Informa Giovani (Italy)

International Initiatives for Cooperation (Bulgaria)

L'Arca Del Blues (Italy)

Olde Vechte Foundation (Netherlands)

Opportunity International (United Kingdom (UK))

ParticipAction (France)

Piedzivojuma Gars (Latvia)

Saltes (Lithuania)

Scambieuropei (Italy)

Smokinya (Bulgaria)

Syncro - Synergy Croatia (Croatia)

Synergy Romania (Romania)

United Societies of Balkans (Greece)

Wild Carpathia (Romania)

Xchange Scotland (United Kingdom (UK))

Youth Discovery Ventures (United Kingdom (UK))

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